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Our Commitment to Ethical AI


We believe that it is morally wrong to use Artificial Intelligence systems to mimic the royalty-accruing work of artists without the artist’s consent or compensation. It is not the same as a human that learns to mimic a style. AI systems are not alive; they are sophisticated statistical models. Therefore, we do not use artists’ names in our prompts without the artist’s explicit consent.


We believe that the images our tools generate should reflect reality and not the biases and idealisms of an imperfect training set. Art is made for real people, and it is real people who should be represented foremost. When art represents an ideal, it should be because the artist has chosen this idealism, not because the artist’s tools have imposed it upon her.


In the modern world, the power to undertake the most ambitious artistic projects (like feature-length animated films) is concentrated behind the fortress walls of relatively few large corporations. This is because of the immense costs of undertaking such projects, which are often in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We believe that it is morally imperative to reverse this trend. A cultural scene of small creators and studios is crucial for creating lively, socially responsive, genre-diverse art. Aphrite will help to achieve this by reducing the cost of undertaking ambitious art projects by developing tools for artists using AI.


We do not believe in the replacement of artists by artificial intelligence systems. We believe that art is a conversation between human beings. We believe that art forms the bedrock of human cultures and is an immense social force which unites us. We, therefore, find it to be an existential threat that art should be placed in the hands of automated systems. Therefore, at Aphrite, we build tools that use AI to give new power and ambition to the voices of artists. The Robot Army is coming, and we are building Mech Suits for Artists to defend against it.


Art is for everyone, and we make our tools for artists of all backgrounds. Therefore, we believe that our tools must have the capacity to represent the beautiful and broad diversity which exists in humankind. Our tools will help you make art about characters or real people of any ethnicity, sex or body type.

Aphrite Logo

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